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Discharge Plan

For the discharge plan, you will create a fictitious patient with your chosen chronic illness and usethis Discharge Plan documentto create a discharge plan for that patient. You are to complete all sections of the discharge plan: assessment, diagnosis/plan, education needs, financial worksheet, and the reflection and conclusion. You need to be as detailed as possible in filling out all the boxes. The reflection and conclusion section allows you to summarize the patient’s plan of care based on all proceeding information and to make recommendations for the plan of care for the patient. Reflect on what you learned in this activity. What do you think about using this discharge plan, did it help you to consider areas you might not have previously included in a discharge plan?

You can type right into the document, save it, and submit for grading.

Reading and Resources

Chapter 16 pages 297-316, Chapter 23 pages 395-404, Chapter 20 pages 367-375, Chapter 26 pages 439-447 in Fundamentals of Case Management Practice.

Reviewclinical guidelines of the AHRQ

*Activity must be submitted per the Discharge Plan document