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QUESTION 1 Higher EQ levels are linked to lower rates of substance abuse in adolescents greater optimism workplace leadership All of the above 0.2 points QUESTION 2 Two interdependent individuals can achieve more than the sum of their individual accomplishments due to synergy magic the multiplicity effect the predominance of win–win solutions 0.2 points QUESTION 3 When is it advisable to not try for a win-win outcome? when you are in the wrong when a long term relationship is at stake when you are very short of time for negotiations a. & c. 0.2 points QUESTION 4 The balance in the emotional bank account is a good measure of your income how well you save money the strength of your relationship your assertive skills 0.2 points QUESTION 5 Giving up being right means that you will never get your way requires learning to step on the shoes of the other requires looking for win–win outcomes requires giving up because you can never really understand another person 0.2 points QUESTION 6 Stepping into the shoes of the other leads to bunions confusion a loss of your own identity empathy 0.2 points QUESTION 7 Which of the following are risk factors for future violent acting out? a previous history of violent behavior having been physically abused as a child brain damage which can interfere with the brain’s inhibitory mechanisms all of the above 0.2 points QUESTION 8 Thought stopping is a technique for overcoming amnesia disrupting angry, irrational self talk mind control used by totalitarian governments enhancing reframing 0.2 points QUESTION 9 Rage reactions are more likely to occur if Qour bodies are already in a state of heightened arousal we are surprised we are hungry we are relaxed 0.2 points QUESTION 10 When going through the various stages of the process of forgiveness, you eventually pass from __________ to __________. angry; euphoric survivor; denial victim; survivor indignation; self-blame